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Kon’s Works, 1982-2010.
Finally, a true artbook dedicated to Satoshi Kon.

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i like drawing in this style. it makes me happy. `v`

i wish i was kyoko’s best friend. she my fav meduka.

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Geoff, feat. kickin mustache {x}

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I’d like to think that when Bethany gets homesick she lights up a little fire spell to feel close to her family again.

For the rad Taokan, whose enthusiasm and kind words always make my day! Merry christmas!!!

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Confession: I’m like SUPER INTERESTED in dwarf/elf romance. Cmon, size difference/odd couples, what’s not to love? Only, I’d be MORE into it if they were both just a little less human-looking. Don’t give me this sexy-dwarf BS - they would be into each other BECAUSE they are so different. I think elves and dwarves just have a huge secret attraction for each other that it is just kind of taboo to mention. So they take it out by being mean to each other.

This was gonna be Tauriel and Kili (only Kili is a lady dwarf, as is my headcanon), but it could also be Legolas and Gimli. I mean, they’re both from races with very little sexual dimorphism, so they could be any combination of sex/gender you can think of with no visible difference. They’re going to build a combination cave house with treehouse tower so they can both be in their element and live happily ever after.

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i pressed the home button on my iphone but i’m still at school??????

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i know literally nothing about anatomy or lineart

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